What Our Customers Think

Francesca and Russell were WONDERFUL. Francesca was the main broker helping us. She was extremely responsive and honest, and not at all pushy. We were happy with each apartment she showed us, because she listened to our requirements and didn''t try to sneak in places that were out of our price range or otherwise that we wouldn''t like. As a result, every moment we spent talking to her and seeing apartment with her was well spent, and we love the place we ended up :)

by Kathy L

I had heard many horror stories about working with NYC brokers, but Russell at Red Sparrow really reversed all those fears. Not only was Russell quick and responsive to my queries, but he also went above and beyond by showing me around each neighborhood a potential apartment was in. He also walked me through the whole rental process, telling me about what to look out for (bed bugs) and what documents needed for landlord approval. Most brokers would have refused to work with me because I had a low price point, but Russell managed to place me in an amazing apartment in a great location which has a great landlord to boot. I would highly recommend Red Sparrow as they are conscientious, decent and find great bargains.

by Eunice Ng

Russell Dinstein and cohorts were efficient, friendly, professional and effective in finding me a pleasant apartment that worked for my purposes, in my budget, and in the neighborhood in which I wanted to be located. If you are either moving to New York, or around New York and need to locate an apartment that will work without spending weeks in the process, I recommend Russell and colleagues.

by Julie K

Seyma was incredibly attentive, responsive, sweet and HONEST! I capitalize honest because it''s rare to find a broker who you don''t know personally who gives you real feedback and thoughts on apartments. Her goal seemed to be finding us the right place, not just making a quick and easy rental. In the end, we went with a different property that didn''t require a broker, but if we had continued to work with an agent, I''d pick her again 100%.

by Nell