What Our Customers Think

I'm the new proud owner of an awesome condo in the Flatiron district! Mainly because of my awesome broker Rob Kravath!!! He deserves an A+ for both effort and productivity! Apartment hunting in NYC is a tedious and crazy process, which can be exhausting and emotional. The market and procedures in purchasing a property in NYC is so different from anywhere else in the country. This is why it is essential to have a good, experienced broker who is familiar with the routine and in's and out's of the fast moving NYC real estate market...which I can attest Rob Kravath is very knowledgeable of.
Prior to meeting Rob I had the unfortunate experience of working with a few brokers who were not knowledgeable, too busy to keep me appraised of up coming new listings and not easy to work with. Too much talk and not enough action!
Rob was the opposite - totally on the ball for the 4 months I worked with him very closely in my search for a condo till the end of closing. His communication is excellent. No chasing emails! He responds in a prompt manner, within less then 24 hrs, if not a few hours. He listens and gets a good understanding of your budget and what you want- location, size, aesthetics, etc.
Based on your criteria he sends you current weekly listings of new properties on the market with details and open house times. This I must say is a blessing, because I would find properties of interest on the internet and realize after doing my research that its old inventory already sold or in contract that hasn't been removed from sites which gets really frustrating. Also, Rob's weekly listings are time-savers because he's done the work for you and it is based on your criteria so you can review under 20 listings which is manageable, instead of having to sift through hundreds of listings for hours online.
Rob is always available to make an appointment to view an apartment with you. He spent time looking at many different apartments with me until we could determine what I really wanted and needed. He educates you about the market through the process. He knows how to handle the famous and stressful NYC bidding wars. Best of all Rob won me a fabulous condo at the lowest price possible, taking a cut from his commission. Wow is right! Not many brokers will go above and beyond for you. He continued to actively support me and help me prepare the board package, and was creative enough to find other means when some of my personal criteria did not match the boards requests. This shows he knows what he's doing, has much experience preparing board packages and knows what the boards really need in order to approve you.
Rob is detailed and works for you till the end of closing and even after. I highly recommend him to anyone including my friends and family who are interested in purchasing a property in NYC. Having Rob as your broker will relieve a lot of stress in your property hunt - guaranteed! Thank you Robert Kravath for your time and hard work. It was a pleasure working with you. See you again in the future!

by Farah Liem, Designer.

Emily helped us rent the perfect apartment!! Her services was the best she is one of a kind.

by Wendy Camacho

Russell at Red Sparrow is exactly what you look for when you are searching for a real estate agent. He showed me a great range of apartments in my price range (in Hell's Kitchen and Greenwich Village), was incredibly thorough, and was very thoughtful in responding to all the questions I had as a first-time NYC renter. Most importantly, Russ genuinely looked out for my interests; he didn't try to play any tricks, pressure me, or steer me into a quick lease or an apartment I couldn't afford. All-around great guy.

by Adam Kern

Russell Dinstein and Francesca Pepe were very helpful in finding an apartment for me. They constantly updated me on their progress, and would not give up until they found what I was looking for. They made a great effort to get the job done.

by David S.